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How does Hypnosis help me stop smoking?

A study presented October 22, 2007 at the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians found that hypnosis is:

• More than twice as effective as quitting “cold turkey”.
• Over three times as effective as nicotine replacement therapy.

Hypnosis is a proven way to change old habits!

This is not a mass production event! Each session is limited in size. David’s proven approach has helped people stop smoking even when nothing else has worked.
If you have tried and tried again to stop smoking without success, then give yourself the opportunity to experience hypnosis and how it can help you stop smoking for good. You can finally get the freedom you want from this self-destructive habit.

These special Great American Smokeout small group sessions are only $250 per person.

If you would prefer a private, individual Stop Smoking session, call for an appointment. Private Sessions are $450.

What Past Clients Have to Say

See the video testimonial on the upper right by Diane Rozak

A written testimonial from Bev Krofft reads:

“I thought I would be a hard nut to crack when it came to quitting smoking. I smoked for 37 years. I was tired of cigarettes controlling my life. I couldn’t sleep more than 1-2 hours at a time, my hair and clothes smelled, my car smelled and I had this stupid little monkey on my back!! I tried many times to quit smoking. I attended a group hypnosis session, tried the nicotine patch and attempted cold turkey. Nothing worked. Nothing until I met David Prudhomme. I recently was quite sick with a bronchial infection and had a really difficult time breathing. I was scared. I thought “if this is what it feels like to die of lung cancer, I don’t want any part of it.” I made the most important phone call of my life. My session with David was the most relaxing, easy and effortless way to put a stop to my addiction. I finally got that little monkey off my back and took control of my life. I find that I have so much energy and time, I sleep more sound and when I wake up I am much more rested. I am a happier person and it feels good to be in control again. I do not have the urge to smoke and I can be around people who do smoke and it doesn’t bother me. The smell of the smoke actually stinks and it reassures me that I made the right decision to take back my life as a non-smoker. I can’t thank you enough. If I can do this, anybody can! Thank you, David for helping me.”
— Bev Krofft